Project Description

The intervention is part of a comprehensive project for the redevelopment of Via delle Macchine in the industrial district of Marghera.

The project for the new agricultural and food district of Venice insists on an area of about 3 hectares, which allows to obtain an exclusive area for a 25,000 square meters market. The proximity of one of the industrial channels of Porto Marghera also allows easy access to water transportation of goods in the direction of Venice.

The project is characterized by a large roofing of 12,000 square meters, which covers the inner gallery and the sale boxes. This metal roof is formed by the combination of two large wings, each made with triangular planes: a central rib, with a polycarbonate cladding, allows natural lighting into the spaces below bringing out the structural rhythm of the metal framework, and ensure a good ventilation and the maintenance of an adequate temperature in all seasons of the year.


In front of the large indoor market there is an office building. The construction is fairly small, with underground parking, a café on the ground floor and directional surfaces on the upper floors, and is characterized by a vertical thrust.

Its colored and semitransparent skin identifies it as an architectural element with a strong visual appeal, a sort of “urban totem”, which anticipates the big and severe volume of the market, which stands in the background.

The ground floor used as a café-bar declares its vocation as public space, intended to major inflows of people.