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Project Description

The project involves the regeneration of a property, in a part abandoned, designed in the mid 50s of the ‘900 by two architects from Milan (Luigi Vietti and Cesare Pea), that has been realized in the decade 1952-1961. The building, destined to SADE (then ENEL) offices, for its typological and formal characteristics, is representative of the most advanced trends in international architecture of the 50s and 60s, which found in Venice many other examples.

Within the possibilities granted by the building and by its structural and architectural shape, it was possible to think for this a new life with a different use. The destination of the structure is now an hotel, and it’s permitted thanks to the reorganization of the distribution-functional aspects, plant engineering, and seismic improvement, maintaining unchanged the structural and architectural elements. In the building, will be located more than 140 rooms, a restaurant, meeting & conference rooms, and will become the main structure in the historic center of Venice of the Spanish chain NH Hotels.