Project Description

The sixteenth century Ragazzoni-Flangini-Billia palace is the most important aristocratic residence in Sacile. The return of this magnificent building to the city is part of the program of historical and architectural enhancement initiated by the Public Administration in the last decade.

The restoration project, divided into stages, involves the restoration of the hall of honour (2nd phase) with the cycle of frescoes depicting the glories of the Ragazzoni family, painted in 1583 by the mannerist Francesco Montemezzano, a pupil of Veronese. A second intervention (3rd phase) is planned for another wing of the palace in order to extend the existing exhibition spaces. Currently, in fact, the rooms of the palace are used for art exhibitions, concerts and various events.

The project has been organized combining the demands of contemporary life to the preservation of the historical and architectural heritage. The enhancement of the Cultural Heritage, in fact, can not be limited to simple restoration, but must extend to all management aspects of the building, which must be economically sustainable, to avoid a progressive deterioration and abandonment.