Project Description

The assignments involve the evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of existing relevant buildings, including historic buildings of architectural value.

In particular, we analyze the propensity of the structures to suffer damage in the face of seismic events of a given intensity. In some cases we use the nonlinear static analysis (pushover).

Frequently, the assignments also include the project of the seismic structural improvement and adaptation to standards in accordance with the requirements of current legislation on buildings.


Selected works:

  1. Ca’ Corner on Canal Grande (XVI sec.), Venezia
  2. Villa Ferretti-Angeli (XVII sec.), Dolo (VE)
  3. Town Hall (XIX sec.), Mira (VE)
  4. “G. Bruno” high school, Mestre (VE)
  5. “U. Morin” high school, Mestre (VE)
  6. “A. Pacinotti” technical institute, Mestre (VE)
  7. “C. Zuccante” technical institute, mestre (VE)
  8. “A. Mozzoni” vocational school, Mestre (VE)
  9. “Ugo Foscolo” primary school, Mira (VE)
  10. “Reckitt Benckiser” factory, Mira (VE)
  11. Parish Center in Calcroci (VE)
  12. Nursing home, Paluzza (UD)