VIADUCT OVER THE PIAVE RIVER2017-03-02T16:50:49+02:00

Project Description

The work is part of the completion project for the viability of the “Pedemontana Veneta” and involves the connection of the two banks of the Piave river in the territory of Vidor. It is a 750 m long bridge with piles placed at distance of 60 m.

A structural solution with continuous beams and posttensioned prestressed concrete ashlars was provided to minimize the thickness of the frame. This solution has the advantage of reducing to the minimum the joints on the paving with obvious comfort for the vehicles transit. Particular attention was given to the supports of the frame on the pillars. We have chosen to use a supporting systems with isolators that have the advantage of significantly reducing the seismic effects on the pillars. Slides coupled with retaining seismic devices denominated “shock transmitters” accompain the supports to allow mutual movements between frame and piles due to thermal variations.

A detailed hydraulic study has allowed to establish the height of the bridge so as to ensure a clearance of at least 1.5 m over the maximum flood expected.

The foundations are deep on drilled large diameter poles.