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Technical expertise

Our technical expertise guarantees efficiency and performance aimed at achieving a positive impact for the customer, the community and the context

We have based the experience and growth of our studio on the most challenging projects from a technical, structural and performance point of view. Over the years, our team of technicians from various disciplines has been able to follow the design of complex civil and infrastructural works, in the context of restoration, recovery and new constructions.
In terms of technical evaluation, the use of BIM technologies allows the engineers, architects and all our consultants to generate a faithful model of the project, containing all the information deriving from the various disciplines and that allows the client to see the work first-hand, even before it is realised.

Aesthetic research

We give life to distinctive shapes through the exploration of possibilities and aesthetic research

A fundamental part of our work is dedicated to exploring the needs and possibilities of the project (objectives, resources, context, constraints) as initial and decisive parameters for the definition of the final form. The design process is thus set up from the beginning as a collaborative flow that integrates the viewpoints of the various disciplines, where the design component always maintains the role of directing the process. This applies to the general concept, to the envelope and to the interiors: user experience and functionality are the guidelines that allow a broader vision to be transferred to the project.

Process control

We check the design process to ensure the achievement of the performances and the achievement of the objectives

The planning and control functions in the framing, design and implementation phases are essential to ensure all design and operational components are integrated correctly and comply with the requisites. Project & Construction Management is an activity that begins already in the preliminary design phase and ends with the delivery of the work to the client: today, AI Progetti uses specific digital tools that allow updating and coordination in “real time” between all the project stakeholders.

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