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The collaboration between AI Progetti srl and Confindustria continues

The renewal of the Membership Positions of the Advanced Service Industries Section of Confindustria Venezia confirmed Andrea Borin, a Partner of AI Progetti srl, a member of the Board of Directors, with the appointment of Vice President.

This is what he said on his appointment: The Board of Directors that was formed with the new elections is composed of a diverse group of entrepreneurs working in numerous sectors and who are united by a very strong collaborative and proactive spirit. A well-matched group, which wants to exchange views on issues of the business world at a timeof great transition like the one we are experiencing. I am convinced that we will be able to develop extremely important projects and to stimulate interesting discussions. We would like to make our section, which gathers the service industries, a point of reference for all the sections of Confindustria Venezia

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