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“Agrivillage” new commercial tourist park

"Agrivillage" commercial tourist park

Musile di Piave (VE), Italy

Antonio SV Srl

2016 - 2017

Amount of works
€ 60.000.000

Aldo Cibic

The intervention stems from the objective of preserving, developing and relaunching the territory and the cultural and landscape heritage of the Venetian countryside.

The project, implemented through the Urban Implementation Plan, provides for the overall urban redevelopment of a rural area of 68 hectares, partially occupied by the disused and long-abandoned buildings of an industrial farm and surrounded by cultivated fields. The project proposes a settlement characterised by architectural, typological and formal elements attributable to the agricultural constructions of the Venetian countryside.

The strong presence of greenery, with trees, plants and orchards, the restoration of a protected agricultural building, for use as an educational farm, the recovery of trees from agricultural history (ancient fruits, vine-covered pergola, etc.), complete the implementation of the intervention, characterised by the precise intention of redeveloping the territory in terms of landscape and of returning to the community an environment that is now heavily degraded.

  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Final design

The renewal of the architectural heritage takes place through the reduction of the overall covered area, the improvement of the quality of the landscape, the environment and the architecture, the envisaged intended uses that permit the promotion of the culture of the territory, the marketing of agricultural production, combined with entertainment and hospitality, as part of an innovative local project of local interest that also has a strong tourist pull.

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