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Highway overpass for Mestre bypass road

Motorway overpass for the Mestre Bypass

Mira (VE), Italy


2007 - 2008

Amount of works
€ 12.000.000

The project is part of the work for the construction of the “Mestre Bypass”, namely that section of the A4 motorway that allows you to cross the city of Mestre, decongesting the urban ring road.

Since the site was of significant interest and the environmental impact of the work needed to be mitigated, the planner conceived the silhouette of the bridge and its sound-absorbing barriers as a reed bed typical of the Venetian lagoon. The bridge, which crosses the Taglio canal and the provincial road that connects Mira to Mirano, is made of a metal structure with three spans, for a total length of 88 metres and a total width of 37 metres. The bridge is made up of two profiled steel beams placed on the sides and a caisson beam in the middle. The vertical ribbing of the main beams, which find continuity in the uprights of the sound-absorbing barriers, represent the reeds.

  • Consultancy of the design project

To facilitate transport, the main structure was built in the workshop in blocks of about 10 metres and assembled on site by welding. The deck was designed with a mixed steel / concrete structure. To make the assembly faster, the connecting intersections between the crossbeams and main beams were designed to be bolted on.

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