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New primary school in Marcon

New primary school in Marcon

Marcon (VE), Italy

Comune di Marcon


Amount of works
€ 7.200.000

Saico Ingegneria, TFE Ingegneria, MAPING Ingegneria, Ing. Massimo Rovere, Aequa Engineering Srl

The project involved the construction of the new Marcon primary school, a building constructed for 20 classes of pupils, for a total of 540 pupils, equipped with a B2 level Coni certified gym and a refectory for meals. The structural design of the new school pursued the attainment of a strategic school building in the event of a disaster, namely class IV use. The joint work of the architectural, structural and system design (all designs by AI Progetti for the feasibility study and the definitive design) made it possible to achieve the objectives of maximum functionality and efficiency.

Pursuing the fundamental objective of a correct balance between “integration” and “articulation”, the sequence of the pitches covers the entire building complex formed by the school, all its appurtenances and the gym, maintaining a unitary whole. This solution sets aside large private outdoor green spaces, in the southernmost portion of the area, which can be used directly from the school, and also a large green area directly connected to the gym, for outdoor sports activities.

  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed design
  • Final design
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