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NH Hotel Rio Novo Venice

NH Hotel Rio Novo Venice

Venice (VE)

PP, PD e CSP – Agada Srl

2016 – 2018

Amount of works
€ 11.600.000

The project involves the renovation of a building, partly abandoned for some time, designed in the mid-1950s by two important Milan architects (Luigi Vietti and Cesare Pea), which was completed in the decade from 1952 to 1961. The building, destined for the offices of SADE, later ENEL, because of its typological and formal characteristics, is representative of the most advanced trends in international architecture of the 1950s and 1960s, which found other significant examples in Venice.

  • Technical and Financial Feasibility study
  • Detailed design
  • Final design
  • Construction management
  • Health and Safety for design and construction

Within the possibilities granted by the factory and its structural and architectural conformation, it was possible to think for it a new life with a different use. The hotel destination now envisaged is allowed thanks to the reorganization of the distributive-functional aspects, plant engineering, and seismic improvement, keeping its structural and architectural nature unaltered. More than 140 rooms, a restaurant, meeting & conference rooms have found a place in the building, and it is the main structure in the historic Venetian center of the Spanish hotel chain NH.

The building will have over 140 rooms, a restaurant, meeting & conference rooms, and will become the main structure in the historic Venetian centre of the Spanish NH hotel chain.

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