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“Nuova Fornace” in Umbertide

Social Housing at the "Nuova Fornace" in Umbertide

Umbertide (PG), Italy

Finanziaria Internazionale Investments SGR Spa

2017 - 2019

Amount of works
€ 6.860.000

The redevelopment project for social housing involved a complex of 14 buildings, for a total of 105 apartments, whose construction started in 2006 but which had never been completed. Following the interruption of construction work, the properties, which were in an advanced state of construction, were abandoned and remained so until they were purchased by a private fund. The planned intervention, therefore, set out to lift an area of almost 20,000 square metres out of unjust degradation, using a design process that could integrate with the needs and expectations of its future inhabitants.

  • Detailed design
  • Final design
  • Health and Safety for design and construction
  • Construction Management

The conversion of the apartments into home-workshops, lodgings, supplementary housing services and spaces for co-working was planned. In order for there to be the necessary spaces for social living, particular attention was paid to rethinking and restoring the relationships between public and private outdoor spaces. The project was also designed in such a way as to obtain a class A energy certification, attained through the refurbishment of the mechanical and electrical systems and the installation of new heating units equipped with high-performance heat-only boilers.

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