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Restructuring of the Telecom offices in Genoa and Pisa

Restructuring of the Telecom offices in Genoa and Pisa

Genova - Lagaccio (GE) and Pisa (PI), Italy

TIM Telecom Italia Spa

2017 - ongoing

Amount of works

The projects involved the architectural, functional and plant engineering redevelopment of the office spaces of the TIM company located in Lagaccio, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city of Genoa, and in Pisa. The work included a redesign of the layout of the offices, with a view to creating new open plan work spaces and to make the energy use more efficient and to update the technology of the structures.

  • Feasibility studio
  • Detailed design
  • Final design
  • Health and Safety for design and construction
  • Construction Management

The work in the Genoa site, housed in a structure dating back to the 1970s that clings to the Genoese hills in an area of scenic interest, also included the reconstruction of the roof coverings and the implementation of new rainwater collection systems. Finally, with a view to the rationalisation of the spaces operated by Telecom with the aim of disposing of some surfaces while optimising others, steps were also taken to redevelop the common areas of the Genoa office, such as the canteen, and to build the new entrance lobby.

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