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Seismic vulnerability of the Palazzo della Regione Veneto

Seismic vulnerability of the Palazzo della Regione Veneto

Venice (VE), Italy

Regione del Veneto


approximately 20.000 mc

The building, which is subject to seismic vulnerability, is the headquarters of the Veneto Region: a Venetian building from the 1960s, called “Rio Novo Tre Ponti”. The building has a reinforced concrete frame structure, while all the perimeter and internal walls are made of brick. The surveys into the history and the materials carried out inside the property while it was still being used provided a wealth of information.

The vulnerability of the building was assessed, in particular, by calculating the total rotation capacity with respect to a wire rope, an analysis that can only be carried out in reinforced concrete frame structures and is aimed at checking the real behaviour of the intersection nodes. This type of analysis made it possible to quantify the contribution of the non-linearity of the structure in the resistance to seismic phenomena, without, however, excessively increasing the computational burden.

  • Seismic vulnerability
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