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Viaduct over the River Piave

Viadotto sul Fiume Piave

Vidor (TV), Italy

Veneto Strade Spa


Amount of works
€ 26.500.000

The work is part of the project for the completion of the Veneto Pedemontana dual carriageway and provides for the connection of the right and left banks of the river Piave in the municipality of Vidor. It is a 750 metre bridge with piles placed 60 metres apart. In order to keep the thickness of the deck to a minimum, a structural solution with continuous beams was designed, with a construction system of post-tensioned blocks made of prestressed reinforced concrete. This solution has the advantage of minimising the joints on the road surface, making it more comfortable for vehicular traffic. Particular attention was paid to the supports of the deck on the piles. It was decided to use support systems with pendulum isolators that have the advantage of considerably reducing the effects of seismic activity on the piles. To provide reciprocal movements between the deck and the pile due to thermal variations, the supports are equipped with slides coupled to seismic retaining devices called “shock transmitters”. An in-depth hydraulic study made it possible to establish the height of the deck in order to guarantee a clearance of at least 1.5 metres on the maximum flood level envisaged. The foundational system is of the deep type, made with large diameter bored piles.

  • Preliminary design
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