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Vulnerability analysis for Sapio production plant

Vulnerability analysis of the Sapio plant

Venice - Marghera (VE), Italy

Sapio Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno Srl

2018 - 2019

more than 50 structures

The service included the vulnerability analysis of all components of the Sapio production plant in Venice, a company that produces technical gases for industrial and medical purposes. Given the particularity of the structures involved and the quantity of elements subject to the vulnerability analysis, more than 50 structures were catalogued based on their exposure value, namely the significance of any damage from a safety point of view.

  • I & II Level vulnerability analysis

The analysis of the exposure of the various elements made it possible to identify 3 different categories, categories which then determined the level of the vulnerability and allowed the intervention priorities to be identified. Both seismic events and particularly destructive atmospheric events were, therefore, taken into consideration. The structures that were analysed are characterised by type (from depositories to industrial tanks, from plant to office structures) requiring vulnerability analyses in each case attentive to the specific physical phenomena, such as sloshing in tanks containing fluids or the particular state of pressure in cryogenic tanks, upon the establishment of interaction phenomena between the two containers contained one on top of the other and separated by the layers of perlite.

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