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Restoration of the former Casino of the Lido of Venice

Restoration of the former Casino of the Lido of Venice

Lido di Venezia (VE), Italy

Comune di Venezia


Amount of works
10.000.000 €

Studio Berlucchi srl, SEINGIM Global Service Srl, Prof. Arch. Eugenio Vassallo

The Lido Casino is a work that belongs to that part of the architecture of the early decades of the twentieth century linked to the formal values of the past and that declares its adherence to the need for monumental representation of the fascist government, under which this building saw the light. The work, built in 1938 to a design by the Brescia engineer Eugenio Miozzi, was particularly desired by the government in the hope that the “most beautiful gambling house in Europe” would be built. The building has a covered area of about 4200 square metres with five upper floors and a basement floor, plus attics. The project involved fire prevention, the plant systems, structural consolidation, and the architectural and restoration design of the interior surfaces.

  • Detailed design
  • Final design
  • Operations Management

The intervention was extremely complex, requiring solutions to be found that could reconcile the regulatory, performance, conservation and enhancement requirements of the spaces. By way of example, the fire prevention project, given the limits imposed by the need not to tamper with the historic finishes, was carried out using the most advanced fire safety engineering technologies. The spaces of the Ex Casino, made available for conferences and shows throughout the year, will be dedicated to the Venice Biennale Foundation during the International Film Festival.

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